About Us

The Alabote restaurant is one of the premier venues for cuisine, socializing, and well-being in the city of Ribeira Grande. With architecture that emphasizes the combination of contemporary and functional construction with nature, the Alabote consists of two enclosed spaces, where intimate service and meal tasting are emphasized, and a terrace that opens up to the ocean, allowing for the fusion of the pleasure of eating with the surrounding maritime environment, where the contemplation of the sunset promotes an unforgettable experience and time seems infinite.

In its restaurant service, the Alabote proposes an inclusive and diversified menu that promotes flavors, with meat, fish, vegetarian, or vegan dishes, some more common and others exclusive to its cuisine, because eating can be a spiritual experience.

For the more traditional or for those seeking an identifying gastronomic mark of the island, the Alabote proposes a menu where the tender beef of free-range cattle raised in the island's green pastures is certainly present.

The Bife à Micaelense prioritizes the interaction between the taste, aroma, appearance, and boldness of what is eaten through a piece of Azorean meat, in which the consistency of traditional flavors of the Azorean people is associated with the intensity of local ground pepper and the inebriating aroma of garlic. An unlikely combination that nevertheless surprises.

The Chicken Breasts with Pineapple, the queen fruit of the island, come as an alternative to red meat. Combining the softness of organic poultry meat with the sweet acidity of a pineapple reduction, this dish proposes a challenge to your palate, stimulating your senses and rediscovering the most complex sensory mechanisms. It is a proposal with a unique and contrasting flavor exclusive to Alabote.

However, in a land embraced and blessed by the sea, it is with fresh fish that Alabote makes a difference, combining the best of the Azores sea with care in its preparation, where the only doubt that persists will be to opt for just one of the proposals.

The sensation of a Wreckfish Puff Pastry goes far beyond what the tongue perceives. The carefully prepared fish combines with organically grown vegetables, from mushrooms to celery and carrots, wrapped in the delicacy of cream and the boldness of saffron, and accompanied by a smooth apple puree.

As eating is also an emotional act, at Telha de Cherne you find the opportunity for a sharing of affections in which the delicacy of abrótea meat blends with finely chopped bacon, to dive into an ethereal stuffing of squid and commit to the pineapple and broccoli crumbs.

Without guilt, you can opt for the audacity of Braised Tuna where the simplicity of the cooking technique allows for the preservation of its natural juices, ensuring the quality and honesty of the flavor. Its succulent meat with a pink hue is sweetened with molasses from brown sugar, punctuated by fleur de sel and drizzled with classic green sauce, intensifying the palate with its naturally tender texture.

For the more daring or those who prefer a plant-based diet, Alabote offers stuffed eggplant, vegetable lasagna, or curry rice with roasted vegetables.

It is at Alabote that you find a unique space for a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends and family, or just a moment alone on the terrace with a unique view of the Atlantic, savoring one of the desserts where flavor reigns, or a more or less intense cocktail or simply something more comforting.

Come to Alabote and enjoy the best of the service provided by its team of professionals, the space, and the landscape!